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Montréal Montréal Old Montréal - Vieux-Port

Guided jet-ski rentals and boat tour with captain to discover Montréal and surroundings. Get to know the city and its majestic St. Lawrence River from a different perspective—an exhilarating jet-ski excursion! This activity is accessible to anyone looking to have an out-of this-world.

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Jan 01 - Mar 31
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Schedule varies based on weather


May 15 - Oct 14
Approximate dates

Schedule varies based on weather



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Contact information

Summer, Quai Jacques-Cartier, Vieux-Port de Montréal, Montréal, Québec, Canada, H2Y 2E2


  • Subway (station)

    Champ-de-Mars, Place-d'Armes or Square-Victoria-OACI

  • Bus (route)

    75, 55, 715

Vehicle and Parking Services

  • Paid outdoor parking


  • Tours : with a private guide
  • Tours : in french
  • Tours : in english
  • Tours : in spanish


  • Tour guide

Restaurant and food services

  • Restaurant on premises


  • Group rates

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