Move to the beat of the here and now

A sense of rhythm and a talent for having a good time

Life belongs to those who stay up late. Every night, a world opens up—one that DJ KidCrayola is a part of. Exciting festivals, electrifying dance floors, amazing street food and music galore—like something out of a music video, full of sound and intensity. She doesn’t want to miss a thing.

Here and now
Feel the vibe

Tomorrow morning? It belongs to her, too. After a brunch with friends, she enjoys some ice cream and window-shopping while taking in urban art along the way. Happy and satisfied, she climbs to the lookout for a glorious view of Montréal—an experience as royal as the mount.

Music, culture, good food : DJ KidCrayola’s faves

Always in motion—with her pulse racing and her toes tapping—she takes the city by storm and has an insatiable appetite for urban art. Whatever the time of day or night.

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Meet DJ KidCrayola

She’s like music—a magnet for emotion. Fascinating street art, festivities and connecting with people. Life at 100 miles an hour suits her just fine.