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Natashquan © TQ/M.Laporte
Site traditionnel huron Onhüa Chetek8e © TQ/J-F.Hamelin

Indigenous traditions

With its rich Aboriginal heritage, Québec offers an unusual experience steeped in history and authenticity. Learn about the 11 distinct First Nations and be rewarded with the artistic expressions and deep knowledge of age-old cultures. Learn the traditional techniques that allowed early Europeans to adapt to the Québec wilderness and are still used today. Indigenous peoples pride themselves on their knowledge—passed down from generation to generation—of culture, gastronomy and spirituality, as well as their great respect for nature.

  • 11 Indigenous nations

  • KWE means hello

  • Represents 1% of Québec’s population

Experience new ways to learn the old ways

  • Discover the ancient traditions Site culturel Kinawit

    Go back in time and land in Anicinabe territory on the shores of Lac Lamoine, home to a rich Indigenous culture. A peaceful place where you can learn more about Québec’s First Nations through guided tours and cultural workshops.

    Kinawit © TAQ/M.Dupuis
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    Kinawit © TAQ/M.Dupuis
  • Enter a Northern state of mind Nunavik

    Adventure is always in the air in Nunavik. And this is a place where the expression “the great outdoors” really resonates. Take in the pristine scenery, spend a night in an igloo, or really rough it on a hunting or fishing trip with an Inuit guide.

    Parc national de Tursujuq © Tourisme autochtone
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    Nunavik © TQ/Outpost
  • Wachiya to an experience like no other Nuuhchimi Wiinuu

    Wachiya. It’s Cree for welcome. And you’ll never experience a welcome like this one. Join one of the territory’s nine Aboriginal communities. Sleep in a traditional teepee. Carve a wooden paddle. Listen to the legends of the elders.

    Eeyou Istchee Baie-James © Tourisme autochtone/M.Dupuis
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    Eeyou Istchee Baie-James © TAQ/M.Dupuis
  • Witness ancient traditions come to life Wendake International Pow Wow

    The Wendake International Pow Wow is the place to be for this festive display of First Nations cultural heritage. Discover traditional dance and song, drum competitions, handicraft booths, children’s activities, and more.

    Wendake © Tourisme autochtone/J-L.Regis
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    Wendake © Tourisme autochtone/S.Desnoyers