A real playground for outdoor enthusiasts, this route spans mountains, forests, rivers and lakes.

Explore the many treasures of this region over 3 days. There’s something for everyone: foodies will love the local delicacies, history buffs will soak up the rich heritage and sports enthusiasts will have a ball hiking, climbing and biking in the heart of nature. Let’s go!

160,6 km

This route features kilometre after kilometre of nature, adventure, great finds and... mountains of memories.



Day 1

Embracing adventure

Cabane à pommes on the Chemin du Terroir

The adventure begins in the famous, century-old Labonté de la Pomme orchard. After picking your own fruits and vegetables, head to the Cabane à pommes, which boasts a gourmet menu oozing with local Laurentian flavours.

Thrills and excitement at the MSS Bike Park

How about a bit of exercise to work off that great meal? Explore the magnificent Saint-Sauveur Valley along the many mountain bike trails suited to cyclists of all levels, even ‘Sunday’ riders!

Day 2

Re-energizing in the heart of nature

Hiking in the Mont-Tremblant area

Amidst waterfalls, lakes and breathtaking scenery, explore the hiking trails and re-energize in the heart of nature. After an exhilarating outing, comfort awaits you: restaurants, shops, bars... You’ve got it all!

Relaxing at the Scandinave Spa Mont-Tremblant

A visit to the spa is a must. Hot bath, cold bath... Unwind outdoors in authentically charming, rustic facilities nestled in the forest along the Rivière du Diable. Escape into utter tranquility.

Day 3

Secrets to discover

Exploring the Parc régional Kiamika

On a 60-sq. km body of water, you can paddle around islands and islets, relaxing out on the water and admiring the greenery and sandy beaches surrounding you. It’s an exceptional and memorable spot!

ATVing on the Wood Runner Trail

Head through the Upper Laurentidesregion toward Montagne du Diable, Windigo fall, and the Baskatong reservoir. You’ll be enchanted by the fine restaurants, warm welcome and unique forest environment.