Four Québec fans, four stories

A foray into Québec that blew them away.

Stéphane Modat

A fan of thrilling experiences, Indigenous culture and all things northern, this chef-restaurateur will give you a taste of Québec like never before.

Marilou & Addison

Lovers of nature and taking it easy, these outdoor enthusiasts don’t just visit Québec—they climb it, cross it, explore it. Hello, adrenaline rush.


This illustrator and photographer—not to mention art and nature lover—brings Québec to life in fresh and unexpected ways, revealing poetry and magic.

DJ KidCrayola

Vivacious by day and vibrant by night, this musician fills up on festivals, galleries and poutine—round the clock. And her enthusiasm is infectious.

Illuminating experiences

Let our range of experiences take you on a journey. Inspiring, they will guide you to new horizons.

Immerse yourself in nature

Take a big breath of fresh morning (or afternoon, or evening) air, and enjoy the wonderful landscapes that only Québec can offer. Explore hiking trails, observe our diverse flora and fauna, relax in nature… Here, disconnecting is that simple and that memorable.

Local flavours for gourmets

The diversity and quality of our products are the basis of our success in gastronomy. Seafood, fruits and cheeses, passionate producers and creative chefs. Québec cuisine is all that and more. Let’s eat!

Cities dressed up in bright lights

Our cities are sure to tempt you outdoors. Stroll through lively neighbourhoods that charm and delight at every step. If you love exploring, savouring and playing, you'll find what you're looking for—day or night.

Québec: bonjour to plenty of choice

Québec is a giant playground spanning over 1.6 million square kilometres. Mountains and valleys to enjoy nature. Cities to discover. A river as wide as the sea. Say Bonjour to all our regions!

Explore our regions

Vacation packages and special offers are all part of the experience when you travel in Quebec.

Explore Québec – By Air

With the “Explore Québec” air packages, (re)discover remote regions of Québec by plane!
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Explore Québec’s routes without missing anything!

Let our itineraries inspire you so that your trip becomes an unforgettable experience.

Mountain Road


Explore Montréal in six days


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