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Non-traditional accommodation

These establishments are tailor-made for anyone with a taste for adventure or a yen for the unusual: tepees, igloos, yurts, log cabins, longhouses or treehouses. The boldest among you can even spend the night in a lighthouse, submarine or… prison cell!

Discover several glamping options, including:

Charming and rustic yurt: resembles a rounded tent and features a hardwood floor and a skylight to enjoy stargazing.

Hobbit-style house: Inspired by Tolkien’s enchanting universe, these accommodations will draw you into the world of the popular Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Submarine, sailboat or houseboat: Let the waves rock you to sleep!

Glass dome or bubble on stilts: Enjoy the starry sky when night falls, then wake to nature’s spectacular views.

Zoo: Sleep among wild animals. Observe them as never before in their natural habitat. An ideal family activity. Come discover this experience at Zoo sauvage de Saint-Félicien, Parc Oméga or Granby Zoo.

Tepee: Come get a taste of traditional Aboriginal life, with some accommodations offering the opportunity to sample Aboriginal cuisine or listen to tales and legends.

Ready to try out truly unique accommodations? Consult our directory and reserve today!

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The Hôtel de glace, Québec City’s ice hotel, is a spectacular, ephemeral work of architecture that offers an authentically unforgettable winter experience!