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Canyon Sainte-Anne, Québec © TQ/M. Julien

Tourism and disabled travellers

Québec... accessible to all

Québec goes to great lengths to ensure that people with restricted physical abilities know which tourist sites they can access. Québec may be huge, but that’s no reason to limit where visitors with reduced mobility can go or deprive them of our many natural and cultural attractions!

Montréal Botanical Garden © TQ/M. Dupuis
Montréal © TQ/M. Julien

Kéroul and tourism

Kéroul is the preferred partner of the Québec Ministry of Tourism in accessibility. The organization’s mission is to promote tourism among people with restricted physical abilities and make it easier for them to access tourist facilities in Québec. At the request of business owners, Kéroul assesses the accessibility of accommodation establishments (hotels, B&Bs, inns, campgrounds, etc.) as well as leading tourist sites like museums, historic sites, parks and zoos.


St. Lawrence River © TQ/M. Julien

Québec for all

Kéroul publishes two tools designed specifically to promote accessible tourism in Québec : a website, and a guide available in both electronic and paper format. Québec for all lists the establishments that can be accessed by people with restricted physical abilities and the elderly. These establishments provide a warm and attentive welcome and are staffed by workers who have been trained to meet the needs and expectations of this particular clientele.

Accessibility through the search engine

Using the Bonjour Québec search engine, you can quickly locate accessible accommodations as well as tourist sites and services whose accessibility has been assessed by Kéroul based on four criteria:

Adapted to people with a motor impairment

Partial access to people with a motor impairment

Services to people with a visual impairment

Services to people with a hearing impairment

Note that you are nonetheless recommended to confirm accessibility with the establishment in question prior to travelling there.


Québec for all is a database of over 1,800 tourism and cultural organizations and businesses assessed by Kéroul and certified fully or partially accessible, spread across Québec.