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On the road to Charlevoix

Julien Roussin-Côté had long wanted to take a road trip with his brother Simon Olivier. The instigator of Go-Van could not have chosen a better destination than Charlevoix to share good times with his brother, an epicurean by nature and a sommelier by trade. The objective of their journey: exploring Charlevoix on a gourmet tour.

A gourmet trip

Aboard a recreational vehicle, they travelled freely through this region which pioneered agritourism in Québec. For six days, they met passionate and welcoming local producers and chefs, who were more than happy to share with our two travellers their love of the region's products.

Wherever they ventured, Julien and Simon Olivier had the St. Lawrence River or the mountains of the hinterland as a backdrop. The richness of the landscape which is offered to the visitors is only equalled by that of its terroir and the creativity of its craftsmen. The two accomplices quickly understood the pride that inhabits the Charlevoix people and their desire to showcase the distinctive products for which they are renowned. Vegetables, foie gras, bread, honey, cheese, ice cider, and a tomato wine unique in the world are some of the local specialties they had the pleasure of savouring. In a restaurant, on the beach or near a campfire, sourcing directly from producers. Because Charlevoix's terroir and flavours can be enjoyed anywhere and by all types of travellers.

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Charlevoix also means L'Isle-aux-Coudres. Accessible by ferry, this peaceful island offers a wide range of outdoor activities, as well as many gastronomic and cultural discoveries. Along the 23-kilometre perimeter of the island, the two brothers discovered that the place is also known for its wind conditions that make the practice of kitesurfing particularly interesting.

© Go-Van / Baie-Saint-Paul

Visiting the Charlevoix region

With its three national parks, the St. Lawrence River, the Laurentian mountains and the famed Flavour Trail, Charlevoix offers panoramas like no others in Québec. Discovering the region by taking its winding roads is a must. You will be able to create an itinerary to match your rhythm, while making authentic encounters. Get inspired by Julien and Simon Olivier's journey for your next stay in the region. You will live memorable experiences there!