Winter fun

Let the warmth of winter inspire you

When winter breezes in, there’s no reason to hibernate—it’s time to fall in love with the season. As the snowflakes begin to fly, Québec dons its white coat, bringing winter to life in a thousand and one dazzling ways.

Move. Taste. Play.
Keep pace with winter
Some are nature lovers who like nothing more than a log cabin and strolls in the great outdoors. Some crave a rush of adrenaline. And others want to move to the beat of a city and taste all the local flavours that warm body and soul.
Québec in its many-splendoured coat

Once blanketed in snow, Québec reveals itself in a whole new light. Activities nestled in the heart of breathtaking landscapes and friendly, bustling cities bring the joys of the season to life.

Snowmobile, the original ride
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Québec invented snowmobiling as a challenge—a challenge to live life to the fullest, zooming along gorgeous, snowy trails for an adrenaline rush and a taste of freedom.

Skiing is more than a sport
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Sliding, skiing, laughing—with over 400 cm of snow every winter, it’s no wonder that Québec is one of the top destinations in North America. Away we go!

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