Say Bonjour to fall

The colour of our emotions

As summer’s frenzied landscapes give way to a completely different type of scenery, we slow our pace to better observe nature’s metamorphosis. We taste the fall’s comforting savours and delight in this new season that, while fleeting, will leave us with lasting memories.

The air feels cooler. It’s time to pull on a sweater and savour a comforting hot chocolate. The silence at sunset draws us into our thoughts as we gaze in the distance at a serene lake that reflects the leaves’ heart-warming colours.
U-pick fun 
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Ah, apples and squash. They look even better when you pick them yourself! Our open-air pantry is overflowing with tasty harvests that can be picked up at the source, from our growers.

Overnight stay with flamboyant show 
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The Québec tradition of the “weekend at the cottage” dates back to the 19th century. It’s a classic to which we add a night camping, in a resort or even in an unusual accommodation. Whichever setting you choose, it’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in the heart of autumn from sunrise to sunset.

Colourful trails
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Hiking is the best way to admire the autumnal colours. Watch the leaves dance in the wind, then hear them crunch underfoot after they’ve settled on the ground. The smell of wood fire warms the eyes and the heart.

Fall Foliage Map

Last update:   November 15, 2022
Next update:  September 2023

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