Summertime in Québec

Move to the beat of summer

We might think we’ve seen everything there is to see in Québec. Discovered all its treasures. But, let’s face it, we haven’t done it all if we haven’t explored like explorers, fished like fishers and lived like locals.

We have every reason to be proud of our home. This summer, explore all that’s left to see.
An improvised getaway?
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What better than a road trip to discover Québec... no fuss, your hair blowing in the wind and the music turned up high! The changing landscape serves up stunning panoramas around each corner. And each stop along the way is the beginning of a new adventure.

Everyone outside
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For outdoor activities and sports, Québec is the place to be, and it all begins by stepping outside. Nature lovers get a thrill out of hiking or biking to take in the summer trails as well as try all sorts of activities on land and on the water.

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