Ode to being in the moment

Be enchanted by a view, a museum or a café

Seeing Québec as Florence does is like being on vacation, which is how she feels when wandering through her neighbourhood—a kind of freedom to stroll, learn and be surprised. And our natural beauty also takes her breath away. Atop a mountain or in a canoe, everything looks like a work of art to her.

Roam, love, repeat
Culture and nature

Florence’s definition of paradise? Think green cities, historic architecture next to modern buildings, villages that look like they belong in a painting, streets lined with restaurants and museums, endless national parks, and enough trails to keep her busy all year round. In a word, Québec.

Nature, culture and leisure : Florence’s top picks

A flower growing through a crack in the pavement, a mural under an overpass or a one-of-a-kind building—her keen eye sees beauty all around.

Meet 3 other aficionados

Get better acquainted with other larger-than-life personalities who pay tribute to all that Québec has to offer. Explore to your heart’s content!

Stéphane Modat

A fan of thrilling experiences, Indigenous culture and all things northern, this chef-restaurateur will give you a taste of Québec like never before.

Marilou & Addison

Lovers of nature and taking it easy, these outdoor enthusiasts don’t just visit Québec—they climb it, cross it, explore it. Hello, adrenaline rush.

DJ KidCrayola

Vivacious by day and vibrant by night, this musician fills up on festivals, galleries and poutine—round the clock. And her enthusiasm is infectious.

Meet Florence

She visits Québec the way you’d read a novel: slowly and consciously savouring every moment. Wherever she goes, you’ll want to follow her story.