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Produits régionaux © TQ/J.-F. Hamelin

Locally crafted alcohol

Raw materials, passion, know-how and creativity: Québec has all it takes to make distinctive alcoholic beverages.


Québec winemakers look past the harsh winters and instead rely on talent and ingenuity to produce a wide range of white, red, rosé, sparking and fortified wines.

Suggestions: the chardonnay from Les Pervenches and the red from Domaine Clos St-Bernard.

Ice wine
Québec is a producer of ice wine, a beverage made from frozen grapes harvested in winter, which is what gives these wines their high sugar content.

Suggestions: The ice wines from Marathonien, Orpailleur and La Mission vineyards.

Thanks to its incredible variety of apples and its climate, Québec produces delicious still, sparkling, rosé and flavoured ciders that are increasingly gaining recognition to the cider producers for their refinement.

Suggestions: The sparkling cider from Cidrerie du Minot and the cider from Domaine Félibre.

Ice cider
Québec winters are ideal for making ice cider, a distinctive product invented on our home turf that is fast making its mark. Inspired from ice wine, it is made with frozen apples rather than frozen grapes.

Maple alcohols
Be it through maple fermentation, distillation or simply maple flavouring, there is a surprising variety of beverages to enjoy: dry white wines, sparkling wines, liqueurs, digestifs and spirits.

Suggestions: The maple-sap vodka from Boris, and Piger Henricus Réduit from Les Subversifs microdistillery.

Berry alcohols
Québec growers of strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, black currents and more throughout the province take great pleasure in transforming the fruits of their labour into liqueurs, mistelles (sweet wine) and other distinctive beverages. 

Suggestion: The crème de cassis from Cassis Monna & Filles, made on Île d'Orléans.

In addition to the premium liqueurs made from a blend of Canadian whisky and maple syrup—also available in a cream variety—Québec has developed an expertise in making gin, vodka and rum.

Suggestions: St. Laurent Gin and Pur Vodka.

Bouteilles de vin et cidre © TQ/C. Bouchard
Vignobles © TQ/C. Blais

Latest products

Fire cider
Heat takes the place of cold in the making of this alcohol by means of an evaporation process. While less sweet than ice cider, fire cider boasts caramel aromas.

Suggestion: The fire cider form Domaine Labranche.

Gin de Neige
Apple water from ice cider provides the foundation for this flavoured spirit made with melilot, lichen, white spruce and juniper berries.

Suggestion: Gin de Neige from Domaine Neige.

Pear ice wine
Whether it’s made by storing fall-harvested pears outdoors or by pressing the pears in early winter and storing their juice outside, the resulting pear ice wine is a creamy, sublime and flavourful delight.

Suggestion: The pear ice wine from Domaine des Salamandres.

Tomato wine
This wine made from tomatoes using an uncommonly original recipe, is produced exclusively in Québec by artisans in the Charlevoix region. The golden hues of these certified organic wines is reminiscent of cognac or an aged whisky.

Suggestion: Omerto from Domaine de la Vallée du Bras.

It’s no secret that Quebecers love their beer! So, we shouldn’t be surprised that our microbreweries and craft breweries number over 125 across the province and produce over 3,000 different beers.

Suggestions: The beers of Dieu du ciel, Dunham, Le Trou du diable and Le Castor microbreweries. 

Made from a blend of red wine and strong alcohol (brandy, vodka, whisky, rum, gin or sherry), Caribou is traditionally consumed at winter festivals, in particular during the Québec Winter Carnival.


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Microbrasserie Hopera, Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean © TQ/OutPost