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Québec honeys

Québec honeys are renowned for their sheer variety and exceptional taste. Honey is harvested in spring, summer and fall, with each season’s crop featuring its own distinct attributes. Indeed, the various types of flowers prevalent from one season to the next affect the taste of Québec honeys.

Honeylicious beehives!

Spring honey is primarily composed of dandelion or cherry blossom nectar, and features a slightly fruity and floral taste. Summer honey is made of clover nectar, which gives it a clearer colour and delicate floral taste. Some summer honeys are made of buckwheat nectar, which gives them a more pronounced flavour and amber colour. Lastly, fall honey usually contains goldenrod nectar, thereby giving it a slightly tangy taste.

Learn the various steps in the honey making process by visiting one of Québec’s many beekeeping businesses. In fact, several beekeepers are thrilled to open their apiaries to showcase the ins and outs of their profession to visitors. Come discover how bees live and the inner workings of a hive, and take the opportunity to sample various honey products, such as fir honey, honey lemon, lavender honey, creamed honey, sweets, mead, as well as a wide variety of other products. Enjoy your visit!

Directory of apiaries offering guided tours.