Celebrating also involves eating and drinking, and over 50 festivals showcase our culinary creativity.

There’s no resisting the mouth-watering experiences served up! Chefs, pastry cooks, chocolate makers, wine growers, cider makers, cheese makers, brewers and other producers eagerly share their know-how with us. What better way to discover the originality, variety and quality of Québec’s local fare?


The summer is for food fairs and festivals. The rest of the year, we are drawn to themed trade shows. It’s a year-round food and drink celebration!

Did you know?

There are some 30 events centred around beer!

Original festivals and local secrets

  • Our festivals reflect our originality and creativity, which is why their themes can sometimes be surprising. There’s the Festival de la poutine, Festival de la gourgane celebrating broad beans, Festival de la galette de sarrasin celebrating buckwheat, and Festival du bleuet celebrating blueberries, to name a few. Basically, we like to have fun so much that everything is an excuse to party!

  • With over 150 microbreweries and about 30 hop farms, it’s no surprise that Québec offers around 30 beer-themed festivals. Take advantage of these events to taste new products and the different varieties of beer in a friendly and lively atmosphere. The beer culture is strong in Québec!

  • In addition to restaurants and markets, gourmet road trips are an original way to taste the know-how of our Québec producers while visiting beautiful landscapes. Vine growers, chocolate makers, cider makers, cheese makers, brewers and many other enthusiastic producers open their doors and share the secrets of their trade. Make sure to stock up for your trip home. Happy driving!

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