In Québec, we get a thrill out of pushing ourselves beyond our limits and defying Mother Nature!

We soar through the air by hang-gliding, parachuting or paragliding. We climb our mountains and explore them from top to bottom, on foot, quad or snowmobile. Via ferrata, forest aerial rope courses, canyoning, rafting, off-trail skiing and other adventure sports serve up the adrenaline rush we seek!


Adventure sports are practised in all four seasons. In the fall, they allow us to also enjoy nature’s display of warm colours and stunning views.

Did you know?

The Canyon des Portes de l’Enfer is an impressive 63 m high.

Excitement off the beaten track

  • Our wide open spaces feature some 250 rock climbing sites in 13 regions... and that includes Montréal! In Québec, one way to reach top is to climb our cliffs and mountains—whatever the season. In the winter, enjoy the challenge of scaling our immense ice-covered rock walls, such as the famous “sugar loaf” in the Parc de la Chute-Montmorency, in the Québec City region.

  • We like a good view! That’s why we enjoy the thrill of outdoor activities such as treetop adventure courses and via ferrata. We love climbing to the very top of nature in its many forms. Steep rock walls, via ferrata, suspension bridges... there’s nothing we won’t go for! Dizziness? What’s that?

  • Jumping into the void from a mountaintop or an airborne plane definitely takes courage... but that sensation is nowhere near the exhilarating freedom you feel flying like a bird over lakes and mountains. You have the impression that the world is yours. Several of our outdoor companies offer you the chance to try out one of these aerial adventure sports.

  • Canyoning is as much a part of speleology, hiking, rock climbing and mountaineering as it is of white-water sports. It can usually be practised year-round and with an expert guide. Whether you’re a novice or an old hand at it, adventure awaits you!

  • Riding through forest trails on a quad or snowmobile is an experience you’re sure to remember. Many Québec companies and outfitters offer short and longer excursions, allowing you to discover Québec’s regions while travelling on marked, groomed trails. All along the routes, you’ll find rest areas offering lodging and meals. It’s important to stay on the marked circuits and follow the rules.

Where to practise adventure sports

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