National parks

80% of Québecers live near a major park. Parks are in our genes, with their DNA running through our veins: Discovery, Nature, Adventure. Half of Québec is covered in woodland and the province is dotted with 3 million lakes. We love living large, and here, nature is simply monumental. More than 200 areas are protected by parks and wildlife reserves. That’s one big playground!

National parks and wildlife reserves

Québec’s some 50 national parks and wildlife reserves provide a huge outdoor playground, adventure and fresh air galore. These areas protect vast ecosystems and can be explored through a variety of activities that respect their fragility and showcase their exceptional biodiversity.

Regional and municipal parks

We cohabitate with wildlife, which is present even in our cities and urban centres. That’s why Québec is dotted with more than 180 major regional and municipal parks so that we can play outside, picnic with friends, sunbathe, or stretch out on the grass with a good book. Why not escape the daily grind and watch the frolicking squirrels instead. And, yes, you can even enjoy a swim!

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