Bodies of water abound in the Montérégie region. Dive in, to embrace a wonderful blend of nature and culture!

Water is one of the main sources of life. It helped create archipelagos, marshes, hydroelectric plants, spas and even a floating hotel... all of which can be found in the Montérégie. And in addition to our water, we are overflowing with life and energy!

129 km

This four-day tour is easy to do by car or motorcycle. The pros can do it by bike. Magnificent expanses of water and bucolic landscapes await you.



Day 1

Beauharnois and Salaberry-de-Valleyfield

Electrifying tour of the Beauharnois plant

This is one of the world's largest hydroelectric plants. The tour showcases its heritage, art deco architecture, the phases of its construction and its 38 generating units stretched out over nearly a kilometre.

Sleep on the water at Flotel

Innovative and eco-friendly, this floating hotel provides a breathtaking view of Lac Saint-François. Activities: diving, kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding close to downtown. At night, you will drift off to the gentle lapping sound of the water!

Day 2

Châteauguay and Chambly

Immerse yourself in nature on Île Saint-Bernard

Île Saint-Bernard offers peace, tranquility and greenery, just a stone's throw from major urban centres. Enjoy the Rivière Châteauguay and Lac Saint-Louis and observe charming vestiges of the seigneurial era.

The life cycle at Ferme Guyon

Educational and family-oriented, Ferme Guyon offers direct contact with animals. From the egg to the chick, or from the caterpillar to the butterfly, the life cycle unfolds before your very eyes. Admire over 500 butterflies fluttering free!

Day 3


Nature and delicacies at the Maison Amérindienne

The Maison Amérindienne showcases maple products, and also highlights the values of discussion and sharing so that visitors learn more about the First Nations through museum, environmental and gastronomic activities.

Take a health break at StrØm nordic spa

Need some pampering? Visit the StrØm nordic spa in bucolic Mont-Saint-Hilaire, and enjoy an outdoor thermal experience, including massotherapy, esthetic treatments and gourmet food... Total relaxation guaranteed.

Day 4

Sorel-Tracy and Sainte-Anne-de-Sorel

Statera – L’archipel fabuleux

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Statera – L’archipel fabuleux is a three-part immersive multimedia experience featuring a guided cruise, an interactive circuit and 360˚projections. Enjoy this playful, luminous voyage through an extraordinary archipelago—the Sorel islands. Wow!

Wildlife at the Maison du Marais

The Maison du Marais interpretation centre focuses on wildlife and wetlands. Visitors can hike, canoe and kayak. The Lac St-Pierre archipelago, designated a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, is also home to a heron colony.