This natural route winds through a mountain chain and crosses a variety of landscapes, from sea to land.

The Route des Monts Notre-Dame is dotted with forests, lakes, rivers and fields. There’s even a canyon—Portes de l’Enfer (“hell’s gate canyon”)—where Satan undoubtedly lives. Enjoy the outdoors in the many parks and wildlife reserves, and maple alcoholic beverages at the Domaine Acer.

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187 km

This route stretches north to south, from the coast all the way to the New Brunswick border. But you can also start from the south and head north.



Day 1

Sainte-Luce, a lit up beach on the St. Lawrence

L’Anse-aux-Coques esplanade and beach

At the height of Sainte-Luce, the St. Lawrence River becomes the sea. The l’Anse-aux-Coques beach is alive with tides, swimmers, sand sculptures and a long beachside esplanade. You’ll want to return in the evening to see the sunset.

A tour of Sainte-Luce on foot

A small seaside town on the boundary between the Bas-Saint-Laurent and the Gaspésie, Sainte-Luce can easily be visited on foot. Begin with the historic church and quay and, in front of the rectory, follow the circuit of 12 interpretation panels.

Day 2

Aerial and hiking trails

Domaine Valga and Forêt de Maître Corbeau

In the morning, enjoy the forest aerial trails in the Forêt de Maître Corbeau in the Domaine Valga. To be avoided if heights make you dizzy: there are about a hundred suspended bridges and zip lines. You can also go kayaking, biking and canoeing.

Réserve faunique Duchénier

This wildlife reserve has exactly 139 lakes, and they’re still counting the fish! This natural setting is ideal for hunting and fishing, but also for outdoor activities (canoeing, hiking) and a cottage vacation.

Day 3

Hell and dignity in the same day

Portes de l’Enfer canyon (“hell’s gate canyon”)

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This canyon is a regional treasure. The park has over 20 km of trails and Québec’s highest suspended bridge (63 m). The highlight is the “descente aux enfers” (descent into hell): 300 steps leading to the river. In the evening, the site is lit up.

Opérations Dignité interpretation centre

You’ll discover an impressive piece of rural Québec’s history at this interpretation centre. When the Québec government wanted to close down certain villages, the people stood up and said no! A multimedia show relates how the movement played out.

Day 4

The secrets of plants: from self-care to cocktails


This herbalist cultivates over 75 species of medicinal and aromatic plants and edible flowers, with no chemical products. It recalls the gardens of our ancestors, who used plant-based health remedies, which is a practice that seems to be coming back.

Domaine Acer

The Domaine’s name comes from the Latin word acer, for maple. The owner uses maple sap to make alcoholic beverages called “acers” in four varieties: white, sparkling, aperitif and digestif. The site is also an economuseum of sugar maple cultivation.

Day 5

Day in the park: enjoying the water and the forest

Parc national du Lac-Témiscouata

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Spend the day in this Sépaq park, which offers a wide range of outdoor activities (canoeing, swimming, kayaking, biking as well as hiking through 35 km of trails) and cultural activities (stories, legends, archaeological digs, Indigenous lifestyle).

Ride along the Route des Monts Notre-Dame with Mother Nature

Visit the official website of the Route des Monts Notre-Dame for more information on this magnificent route in the heart of nature.