Adventurers seeking new horizons are bound to find this itinerary satisfying.

This route offers a larger-than-life experience in the heart of Northern Québec landscapes, where there is still daylight after 10:00 p.m. Learn about the history, wildlife, culture and customs of the Cree and Inuit communities like nowhere else. An unforgettable experience!

2206 km

The Far North is vast! Rent a vehicle somewhere farther south and you’ll have to take a plane to travel to Nunavik. It’ll be easier to organize your trip with a tour operator.



Eeyou Istchee Baie-James
Day 1

Discover the Cree culture in Oujé-Bougoumou

Day 2

Traditional Cree experience in Oujé-Bougoumou

Au cœur des traditions cries

Enjoy a unique experience at the Nuuhchimi Wiinuu camp, an ecotourism site on the edge of Lac Scott, between Oujé-Bougoumou and Chibougamau. The owners and elders from the community are eager to share their traditional knowledge.

Day 3

Road trip from Oujé-Bougoumou to Wemindji

On the Route du Nord and Route de la Baie-James

This is the start of the great adventure to the mythical Northern Québec. It’s a full day’s drive, covering 700 km. Along the way, you’ll want to stop to stretch your legs and admire the beauty of the boreal forest: rivers, bears, wolves...

Day 4

Discover James Bay in Wemindji

Cruise on James Bay

A boat excursion on the majestic James Bay to Wemindji is unlike any southern cruise; the scenery and wildlife are like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Keep an eye out for caribou, polar bears and seals, and then go for a hike on the islands.

History and culture in Wemindji

Back on land, go for a guided tour of Wemindji, a small but very dynamic community of over 1,400 residents. Its history is linked with that of James Bay. Take advantage of the long days: the sun sets at about 10:00 p.m. in summer.

Day 5

Welcome to Kuujjuaq, in Nunavik

Memorable faces and landscapes in Inuit territory

You take a plane to Kuujjuaq, Nunavik’s administrative capital, as there is no connecting road. A local guide will greet you and take you on a tour of this northern town south of Ungava Bay, starting with the Tivi Inuit Art Gallery at the airport.

Day 6

Polar bears in Aupaluk

Observation of polar bears

Still travelling by plane, you head to Aupaluk to observe the polar bears in their natural coastal habitat in Ungava Bay and experience the traditional Inuit lifestyle. It’ll feel like you’re actually in a National Geographic report!

Day 7

The red soil of Aupaluk, throat singing in Kangirsuk

Visit the Inuit village of Aupaluk

It’s Nunavik’s smallest Inuit village, with 150 residents. Aupaluk means “where the earth is red” in Inuktitut, due to the iron-rich soil. It’s striking when you walk on the red sand of Ungava Bay’s beaches.

Throat singing, or katadjak, in Kangirsuk

Taking the plane, you next go to Kangirsuk. If you wanted to experience a culture shock, this is the place for it, listening to the traditional throat singing practised by Inuit women. Breath and rhythm in complete synchronicity.

Day 8

Massive caribou herd at Rivière Payne

The great caribou migration

In July and August, you can witness the migration of thousands of caribou by crossing Rivière Payne in canoe from Kangirsuk. It’s impressive to see this massive movement as well as to discover that the river is a fjord.

Gathering duck feathers

With Inuit Adventures guides, you’ll gather feathers from eider ducks, gently, straight from their nests. The Inuit use them to insulate their coats.

Day 9

Kangirsuk: pristine nature

Strolling in the village and observing the tides

Stroll through the village of Kangirsuk and the surrounding area, along Ungava Bay. The rising tide is one of the highest and most powerful in the world. On Pamiok Island, we can see the ruins of a Dorset longhouse.

Day 10

Quaqtaq and Diana Island: wildlife observation

Excursion to Diana Island

A short plane ride takes you to Quaqtaq. On the boat to Diana Island you may spot some marine animals and icebergs. Once on the island, there’s no missing the musk-ox, which seem to have come straight out of the movie Quest for fire.