A sports trip filled with history and gourmet delights in the Laurentides and the Saint-Sauveur Valley.

This dynamic and trendy route partly cuts through the Route des Belles-Histoires, where you can discover the history of the Laurentides. You can also go shopping and enjoy tastings of local products. Then, get an adrenaline rush by going biking or watersliding.

503 km

This itinerary can be travelled, partly or fully, by car, motorbike or bike. Local products, history, mountains and the outdoors... it’s the route of happiness!



Day 1

Local delicacies

The Chemin du Terroir

This country route begins on the Chemin du Terroir, with gourmet stops all along the 226 km. Honey houses, orchards, cheese dairies, vineyards and maple groves await you. On this trip, it’s your taste buds that will guide you!

Day 2

Saint-Sauveur, in the heart of the Laurentians

Saint-Sauveur Valley

Next, head to the Saint-Sauveur Valley. Known for its restaurants, boutiques, galleries and events; sports, culture and shopping are on the program. Always looking for the latest trends? The Valley has everything you could want!

Thrills on the waterslides

The day comes to an end in the water, at the Parc aquatique du Sommet Saint-Sauveur. About twenty waterslides are installed on the mountain, and some are dizzyingly high. With names like Niagara, Colorado River and Manic, excitement is guaranteed!

Day 3

Sainte-Adèle and the Route des Belles-Histoires

Biking and history adventure

Hop on your bike to explore part of the Le P’tit Train du Nord Linear Park, closely connected with the region’s history. Following the route of an old railroad dating from 1891, the trail runs through the region from Saint-Jérôme to Mont-Laurier.

The Route that has wonderful stories to tell

After your bike excursion, get back in your car to explore all or part of the Route des Belles-Histoires, which stretches for 284 km. The route showcases the region’s colonization by featuring about 60 historic sites based on various themes.