Wending its way around mountains, this trail showcases charming architecture reflecting diverse cultural heritage.

The Eastern Townships have a blended heritage. The Americans, Loyalists, Irish and Scottish all left traces of their culture in the architecture of the region’s homes, churches, covered bridges and round barns. Round barns? Yes, this leaves no corners for the devil to hide in! True or false?

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438 km

This trail can be taken by car, but it’s even more fabulous by motorcyle or bike. However, you’ll need strong calf muscles to make it up the many hills by bike!



Eastern Townships
Day 1

Heaps of history from Waterloo to Lac-Brome

Circuit du patrimoine de Waterloo

Enjoy a walking tour of Waterloo and discover its rich built heritage. A total of 42 buildings bear witness to the great bourgeoisie, mainly of British origin, that reigned here in the 19th century. The architecture is simply charming!

Lac-Brome Museum

This second stop is for the whole family. Explore the Lac-Brome Museum and its five buildings: military collections, an old schoolhouse, a fire hall and a war plane. The kids will have fun at the Children’s Museum.

Day 2

Loyalist country

Mansonville Round Barn

This unusual round barn presents exhibitions on the region’s history and heritage, and offers temporary thematic exhibitions. In summer, its lively ambiance includes a public market, films, concerts and other events.

A bit of history at Magog’s Merry House

On the main street of downtown Magog, tour the city’s oldest home, dating back to 1821. The Merry House relates the region’s history from the time of the Indigenous peoples and the Loyalists—royalist American colonists—up to today.

Day 3

English bourgeoisie and tea time

Coaticook’s Musée Beaulne

Enjoy an elegant start to your day with a tour of Château Norton, built in 1912. This sumptuous residence with its beautiful turrets offers a variety of exhibitions: family history, antique costumes and artwork.

Day 4

From Cookshire-Eaton to Dudswell

Eaton Corner Museum

The Eaton Corner Museum comprises three period buildings: a church, an academy and a home. It showcases an extensive collection of antique objects, recounting the arrival of the first colonists and the life of farmers in the 19th century.

Tour of the village of Dudswell

Spend the rest of the day in the pastoral, bucolic and authentic village of Dudswell. The site’s hiking trails, lakes, heritage circuit, artists and artisans make for a most enjoyable visit. Soak up the calm, beautiful surroundings!

Day 5

From Danville to Saint-Camille

Danville heritage tours

Follow the marked sidewalks in Danville for a heritage tour through its charming neighbourhoods boasting Victorian homes, inns, a café, a former general store, an old Presbyterian church, and more...

Le P'tit Bonheur de Saint-Camille

Cap off the day at Le P'tit Bonheur de Saint-Camille. Home to a cultural centre, art gallery and café, this venue also hosts musical events. Take advantage of the Bistro Show package, a wonderful and affordable treat!

Day 6

From Richmond’s slate to Ulverton’s wool

Centre d’interprétation de l’ardoise

What could be better than an old slate-roofed church to house a slate interpretation centre? Learn all about the local stone and the various methods used in its extraction.

Ulverton Woolen Mills

The Chemin des Cantons ends with a visit to the Ulverton Woolen Mills. A guide will teach you about sheep shearing and how wool is processed and fabric is manufactured. Enjoy a stroll along the trails and see the sheep up close. ‘Baahh-bye’ for now!

Discover the beauty of the Chemin des Cantons

Visit the official website of the Chemin des Cantons to discover an unknown heritage and have British afternoon tea.