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Savour a speciality of Québec: poutine

Québec has a torrid love story with poutine, a dish traditionally made with fries, cheese curds and brown gravy. Since the classic version of Québec poutine made its appearance, - in the 60s, they say -, it has seen an amazing number of versions, iterations and adaptations. Each of the elements of the famous trinity of fries-curds-gravy has been revisited, meat and vegetables have been added, and an infinite amount of variations have been created. True to their legendary creativity, numerous chefs have turned this comfort food into a true gastronomical experience! Gravies made with veal stock or flavoured with bourbon, truffled or flambéed cheese, embellishments of lobster or foie gras offer an entirely new vision of this favourite of the culinary repertory of Québec.

Poutine is so popular that some restaurants have dedicated their entire menu to it, and the city of Drummondville, where it was born, holds an annual festival in its honour! And you will now find poutine made with hollandaise sauce on breakfast menus, and dessert versions where apple wedges, shortbread or churros replace the fries. This dish has come a long way! And poutine is a must to end the evening, especially after a couple of glasses…

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