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© TQ/L.Turgeon


Summer pleasures

Take advantage of summer to explore Québec along its country roads. Rediscover the joys of swimming, admire lush gardens or cast off on a cruise along the St. Lawrence. From June to September, it’s time to get out and play. City dwellers make the most of the warm weather with a seaside or lakeside holiday, a family trip to a theme attraction or an exhilarating day out on an adventure course.

Festival Juste pour rire, Montréal © TQ/J.-F. Hamelin
Corn roast, Laurentides © TQ/C. Savard

For Québecers, summer is time to kick back and cut loose. With festivals in every region celebrating music, dance, the circus arts, comedy or terroir products, there are endless possibilities for good times, from marvelling at fireworks and hot air balloons to taking part in sandcastle competitions!

Dressing for summer

The warmer weather between June and September creates the perfect conditions for a huge range of outdoors and nautical activities. Popular choices for daytime wear include shorts, skirts, T-shirts and polos. Some evenings can get chilly if there’s a breeze, so it’s a good idea to bring long pants and a light jacket or windbreaker. During a heat wave, we strongly recommend applying sunscreen and wearing a hat and sunglasses. Rainy days may call for a rain jacket and umbrella.

Gaspésie © TQ/ C. Savard

Getting away from it all

Leave the city far behind as you head for the Côte-Nord, Gaspésie or the Îles-de-la-Madeleine, seaside destinations par excellence. Go further still with a trip to Abitibi-Témiscamingue, land of innumerable lakes and endless forests, or even Baie-James, a true wilderness area.

Summer is a time for . . .

  • Whale-watching in the St. Lawrence
  • Adventure excursions by canoe or kayak
  • Getting in touch with nature at a national park
  • A lengthy bike trip along the Route Verte
  • Observing the upstream migration of Atlantic salmon in the fishways

Montréal’s average July temperature is 21.3 oC, the highest in Québec. Though the humidity can make things feel somewhat hotter, Montréalers revel in their pleasant summers that turn the snow and cold into distant memories!