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Murals and arts circuit

Region City
Gaspésie Mont-Joli

This cultural tour will introduce you to cross streets, colourful harmonies, complex and original art projects and an important facet of our history, all through the discovery of heritage buildings that are the pride of Mont-Joliens. The tour includes 34 different sites.

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Jul 01 - Sep 30
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Free admission

Other charges may apply.

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Departure, Château Landry, 1588, boul. Jacques-Cartier, Mont-Joli, Québec, Canada, G5H 2V5


  • Self-guided tours
  • Tours : walking tours
  • Tours : with a private guide
  • Tours : bus tours
  • Tours : in french
  • Tours : in english


  • Airport pickup and/or drop-off
  • Documentation / publications
  • Tour guide


  • Reservations required
  • Tours : in french
  • Tours : in english

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