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Blazing new trails... Snowshoeing makes nature endless!

Québec’s snowshoeing trails enable enthusiasts to live the woodsmen life as they make their way through trails over 100 km long. Explorers and adventurers will be thrilled by the various landscapes they discover along their snow-covered journey.

These excursions will be sure to test your endurance and perseverance! Proper preparation is also key. Snowshoers must bring the right equipment, as well as plan their route and its length, food, lodgings and all related necessities.

Greenhorns who’d like to try out this activity, but lack the required experience, equipment and knowledge, can leave these important details in the capable hands of any of several adventure and outdoor tourism operators that organize long-distance snowshoeing excursions. Experts join snowshoers on their adventure and make sure they all have a safe and memorable experience!

Here are a few suggestions among the longest circuits:

• National Trail in Québec (1,075 km) (Province of Québec). This trail crosses nine of Québec’s tourist regions, as well as regional and national parks, CHZs, outfitters and private land. The trail also connects to other Canadian provinces. Skill level: beginner to advanced

• Sentiers de l’Estrie (200 km) (Eastern Townships). One of Québec’s oldest trails, connecting about a dozen peaks in the Eastern Townships. Skill level: beginner to advanced

• Sentier national en Matawinie (170 km) (Lanaudière, Laurentians). This trail features eight distinct sections crossing the Lanaudière and the Laurentians regions. Skill level: intermediate

• Sentiers frontaliers (135 km) (Eastern Townships). This trail follows the U.S.-Canadian border. In Québec, it links the Parc national du Mont-Mégantic to mont Gosford. Skill level: intermediate

• Sentier national au Bas-Saint-Laurent (144 km) (Bas-Saint-Laurent). This 12-section trail links Dégelis and Trois-Pistoles. Part of it hugs the St. Lawrence River. Skill level: beginner to intermediate

• La Traversée de Charlevoix (105 km) (Charlevoix). This trail links the Parc national des Grands-Jardins to mont Grand-Fonds in La Malbaie. It’s sometimes quite steep due to the many peaks along the way. Skill level: advanced

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