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Gaspésie © TQ/M.Laporte
© TQ/D.Lafond

Local flavours

Thanks to our chefs’ know-how and unique blend of audacity and curiosity, Québec is a hub of world-renowned gastronomy. But it’s the passion of a new generation of talented food obsessives who produce locally sourced ingredients—wineries, microbreweries, maple farms, cheesemakers—that is driving the local food scene. Visit one of these artisans to get your catch of the day or taste the surprisingly fragrant black currants that go into a refreshing cocktail. Open markets, festivals, and gourmet events continue to inspire locals and tourists alike. Before indulging in this smorgasbord of delicious food, be sure to say Bon appétit!

  • 1,000 bagels baked everyday at St. Viateur Bagels

  • Ice cider invented in Québec

  • Approximately 51 million litres of maple syrup produced in 2017

Local Gastronomy

  • A certain reputation World-renowned food scene

    Our chefs are known to push boundaries while keeping their fare distinctly local. The rise of local restaurants and their use of fresh boreal ingredients are attracting curiosity and international acclaim. This is due not only to their star chefs, but also to the energetic food scene that’s always fresh and constantly evolving.

    Montréal © TQ/F.Ménard-Aubin
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    Montréal © TQ/F.Ménard-Aubin
  • Go gourmet go Follow these flavour trails

    They say spectacular scenery and savoury food go hand in hand, and Québec is no exception. Discover local products amidst superb landscapes while travelling along picturesque roads. Try country fare on Île d’Orléans, charming restaurants whose creations feature local herbs in Kamouraska, exceptional seafood on the Magdalen Islands, and cheese and chocolate in Charlevoix, and explore wine routes in Brome-Missisquoi.

    Gaspésie © TQ/M.Laporte
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    Île d'Orléans © Destination Canada
  • Taste of the North Local northern flavours

    We celebrate the richness of our land. Recently, food producers and chefs from northern regions, including Québec, have begun to offer dishes prepared exclusively with ingredients derived from this unique ecosystem—cranberries, mushrooms, dune peppers, and seafood native to the region, just to name a few.

    Nunavik © Hooké/S.Davis
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    Pourvoirie du Lac Rapide Inc. © Tourisme autochtone