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Québec © TQ/F.Gagnon
Nunavik © TQ/R.Edgar

Indigenous traditions

Québec boasts a rich native heritage that includes snowshoeing, ice fishing, and of course maple syrup. The 11 First Nations on the territory proudly share their ancestral know-how and age-old values handed down through the generations. They offer unforgettable experiences steeped in history and authenticity and centred on food, spirituality and nature, for which they have the deepest respect. Discover their skilfully preserved lifestyles as you experience a true return to basics and reconnect with what matters.

  • 11 Indigenous nations

  • KWE means hello

  • Represents 1% of Québec’s population

Immerse yourself in living traditions

  • Adventure north of the 55thparallel NUNAVIK

    Nunavik is a northern territory with extraordinary natural landscapes offering adventure and a drastic change of scenery, especially if you choose to spend the night in an igloo or to hunt and ice fish with an Inuit guide.

    Nunavik © TQ/J.Bair
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    Nunavik © TQ/M.Dupuis
  • Immerse yourself in Cree culture NUUHCHIMI WIINUU

    “Wachiya” (welcome) to this site, located at the heart of a forest where traditional Cree culture lives to this day. You will be charmed by the exceptional welcome, impressed by the spirit of sharing, and enthralled by the legends of the elders.

    Baie-James © TQ/M.Dupuis
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    Baie-James © TQ/R.Edgar
  • A window on a people proud of its roots FIRST NATIONS MUSEUM HOTEL

    Combining remarkable architecture inspired by longhouses combined with contemporary design, this unique establishment houses a boutique hotel featuring creations by Amerindian artists, a museum, a nature spa and an upscale restaurant.

    Québec © TQ/P.Gouyou Beauchamps
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    Québec © TQ/ D.Poulin