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Québec © TQ/J-F.Frenette
Montréal © TQ/A.Quenneville

Living culture and history

Québec has built a unique culture that reflects its various influences, innovative modernity, and adaptability. This cradle of French civilization in North America is proud of its distinctive character and shares its cultural heritage through exciting encounters and a rich architectural, religious and living legacy. This richness is also reflected in a diverse offering of arts and events that showcase Québec’s origins, creativity and multiculturalism, while making the most of its northern climate.

  • Historic District of Old Québec is a UNESCO World Heritage site

  • Home of Cirque du Soleil

  • Le Château Frontenac is the most photographed hotel in the world

Quench your thirst for knowledge

  • Good news for art and architecture lovers! PUBLIC ART

    Discover Montréal’s neighbourhoods through the various pieces of public artwork that grace the landscape and enhance the city’s outline. Explore every corner of the island through sculptures, installations, photographs, paintings and murals.

    Montréal © TQ/L.Turgeon
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    Montréal © TQ/L.Turgeon
  • Experience something authentic and inspiring AUGUSTINE MONASTERY

    Behind the walls of this fully restored 17th century monastery hides a haven of culture and well-being. This first hospital in North America is a go-to destination for meditation and yoga, and accommodations are available in the former cloister.

    © Le Monastère des Augustines
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    Québec © TQ/D.Pouln
  • Immerse yourself in Québec’s history OLD QUÉBEC

    Discover the history and cultural richness of this UNESCO world heritage site as you stroll through its pedestrian streets. The city’s architecture reflects its many influences, while its culinary scene and winter carnival give it its effervescence.

    Québec © TQ/DF Design Production
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    Québec ©TQ/Steve. Deschênes
  • Discover traditional skills ECONOMUSEUMS

    Artisans showcase their know-how by opening the doors of their workshops to the public. From traditional soap factories to microbreweries, they share their passion as they showcase their high-quality products.

    Cantons-de-l'Est ©TQ/J-F. Bergeron/Enviro Foto
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