Québec is blessed with abundant wildlife, and hunting and fishing are much more than simple sports for us.

They provide a unique opportunity to get back to basics through age-old activities. Some 550 outfitters offer accommodations, equipment, guides and other logistical support to facilitate encounters with large cervids, black bears, wildfowl, small game and fish. You rarely come back empty-handed.


Hunting and fishing are practised year-round, but the seasons vary based on the zones and species. It’s important to respect dates and regulations.

Did you know?

Québec is divided into 29 hunting and fishing zones.

Small hunting and fishing guide for Québec

  • Hunting and fishing are unique opportunities for you to fully appreciate Québec’s nature. The wildlife reserves, controlled harvesting zones, outfitters, lakes, fish farms and certain private locations are the most prized spots. Hunting is not allowed in any Québec park, but fishing is permitted.

  • The number one favourite is the yellow walleye, but a bite from a northern pike will get any angler excited. Québec has about a million lakes and rivers that are home to some thirty species of fish, including bass, sturgeon, muskellunge, trout, Arctic char, lake trout and salmon.

  • Big game hunting can be practised by tracking, from a blind, in a field or in the forest. For a first experience, it’s best to obtain a package from an outfitter, which includes a hunting guide. The large cervids (white-tailed deer, moose) and black bears are the main large species that are hunted. Among the smaller game, you’ll find ducks, hares, grouse, partridge, snow geese and Canada geese.

  • Fly fishing, light cast fishing, wade fishing and trolling are some of the many ways to practise this sport, whether you’re a novice or an old hand at it. Experts enjoy fly fishing in our salmon rivers (there are about 60 of them) or sometimes wrangling with the more combative carnivorous fish. We’re so “hooked” that we even fish on the ice in the winter, inside a hut or in the open air. Small fishing villages spring up on our frozen lakes!

  • In the heart of the forest or tundra, or next to a lake, there are over 550 licensed outfitters in Québec. Outfitters and Indigenous communities open their doors to us and offer nourishing meals while the guides share their knowledge and passion with us. From the most rustic to the most chic, with all the amenities or in a more isolated setting, there’s something for everyone and every budget.