To some, Montréal is just a city, but to us it’s a giant playground.

Mount Royal (our very own mountain) reigns over the downtown core and is home to a wide range of outdoor activities. All over the island, you can go biking, jogging, rollerblading or ice skating, kayaking and even surfing. You can also shop, taste local delicacies, visit museums or relax at the water’s edge

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Did you know?

Parc du Mont-Royal was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, the architect behind Central Park in New York.

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A mountain overlooking the city centre, a reconstructed past blending heritage, recreation and entertainment and a lively area all year long.

Mount Royal

Mount Royal is our very own Central Park. This astonishing forest nestled in the heart of the city is an oasis of greenery set against an urban backdrop.

The view from its summit is simply breathtaking! The Kondiaronk lookout is the perfect spot for selfies, with the whole city spread out at your feet and the St. Lawrence River flowing beyond. The park is the best spot for glimpsing “authentic” Montrealers. They’re the ones jogging, walking, enjoying the many trails that criss-cross the mountain, or confidently climbing the wooden stairs to the top.

In Montréal, none of the skyscrapers exceed the height of Mount Royal.


Old Montréal and Old Port

Affectionately dubbed “le Vieux,” meaning “old-timer” in English, Old Montréal and the Old Port may indeed be ancient but, for Montrealers, they have unique significance.

In spite of its long history, this area is constantly reinventing itself: every year, new activities emerge on its century-old streets in amongst the heritage buildings.

Old Montréal boasts French, British and Indigenous heritage.

La Grande Roue, the glass observation tower and the MTL Zipline attraction have breathed new life into the port. Visitors can peruse art galleries, handicraft shops and boutiques, and enjoy the restaurants and cafés along the cobblestone streets that date back to the days of New France. Steeped in history yet perfectly plugged into the 21st century, this neighbourhood is sure to charm you.

Quartier des spectacles

Looking for entertainment? You’re in the right place. This square-kilometre block, home to Place des Arts, the Musée d’art contemporain and the Opéra de Montréal, plays host to events, shows, artistic installations and a lot of other activities all year long in streets closed off to car traffic.

More than ever, the Quartier des spectacles is an oasis of green and relaxation in the heart of downtown. The revamped Jardins Gamelin invite families to discover urban agriculture and participate in creative workshops.

Over 1,000 public works of art spread across the island.

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Montréal is more than just a city… it’s a huge playground to discover!

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