The history of the Laurentides region, north of Montréal, has significantly impacted the lives of the Québécois.

Once upon a time, a region was settled due to a persevering priest and the families that believed in his plan. A TV series, Les Belles Histoires des Pays d’en Haut, told the story. The name now designates a tourist route from one train station to another where the P’tit Train du Nord used to stop.

Check out the official website for the complete route.

284 km

Covering about half of the Route des Belles-Histoires (beautiful stories route) the circuit can be completed by car, or by bike through the Le P’tit Train du Nord linear park.



Day 1

De Saint-Jérôme à Saint-Sauveur via Prévost

Espace muséal du Curé-Labelle

If we’re able to go to Northern Québec to enjoy outdoor activities—hiking, biking, swimming, skiing, etc.—it’s due to Curé Antoine Labelle, the 19th-century “father” of the Laurentides. A museum space in Saint-Jérôme’s cathedral showcases his life.

Heritage circuits at the Prévost train station

In most of the former train stations in the Laurentides, you can view videos on the Route des Belles-Histoires (beautiful stories route), like at the Prévost station. Tourist guides suggest three heritage walking circuits in the town.

Laurentian Ski Museum

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Downhill and cross-country skiing have a museum and even a Hall of Fame in Saint-Sauveur. The museum showcases the exploits of our skiers, such as the legendary founder, Jack Rabbit, whose nickname says everything about his speed on the slopes.

Day 2

Une journée au magnifique village de Sainte-Adèle

Mont-Rolland train station

Typical of the late-19th-century colonization period in the Laurentides, the Mont-Rolland train station is greatly appreciated by cyclists today. The station has a coffee shop and patio for a rest along the Le P’tit Train du Nord linear park.

Murals of the Pays-d’en-Haut

Discover Sainte-Adèle on foot, by bike or even by cart by following the circuit of murals about the Pays-d’en-Haut, or the heritage circuits, starting from the tourist office in the Place des citoyens.

Day 3

Art public et plages du lac aux Sables

Art and heritage in Val-David

Val-David’s small train station houses the tourist office, from where you can take a walking tour along the heritage and public art circuit. You’ll notice that the town is home to a lot of artists, as seen from the 1001 Pots event.

Lac aux Sables beaches

Bordered by the majestic Lac aux Sables, Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts has not one, but three beaches. Sainte-Lucie beach is very popular as it is located right downtown.

Day 4

De gare en gare, on découvre art et patrimoine

Mont-Tremblant village

A beautiful reconstruction of the original, which dated from 1904, the Mont-Tremblant train station is now a cultural site and art centre. Another heritage circuit waits to be discovered in the historic part of the village.

Saint-Faustin cultural and heritage circuit

The old presbytery houses an art centre where you can set out on a cultural and heritage circuit of Saint-Faustin–Lac-Carré. Rising above the sculptures at the Parc de la Gare is the “Love Tree,” from which dangles hearts filled with love messages.

Day 5

Prochaines stations : Labelle et Nominingue

Musée ferroviaire gare de Labelle

As the settlement of the Laurentides came about through the efforts of Curé Labelle and his project for a railway in the “Pays-d’en-Haut,” a railway museum, in a train station of course, was needed to tell the region’s full story.

Nominingue train station

The Nominingue train station, where the heritage circuit begins, houses a tourist office, a heritage room and an exhibition centre. The hamlet around the station is made up of small houses owned by artists and artisans and a gazebo for musicians.

Day 6

Terminus, tout le monde descend à Mont-Laurier!

1937 power station and Alix-Bail house

The historical walking tour ends at the 1937 power station and Alix-Bail house. The Rivière du Lièvre’s current was strong enough for a power station to be built there in 1912. You can see (from the outside only) the log house of Alix the merchant.

The Route des Belles-Histoires tells us...

The Route des Belles-Histoires is our story through picturesque places and landscapes. Visit the official website for more information.