Re-energize in exceptional surroundings, at one with nature and the elements

Our Nordic spas are inspired by Scandinavian and Asian traditions. With its countless lakes and rivers, Québec is the perfect spot for spa getaways featuring water-based treatments. Relax in the city, on the river’s edge or in the heart of the forest. For anyone who loves getting pampered, what could be better than a fabulous massage... even with maple syrup!


Spas are open year-round. For a winter thrill, jump into the lake water through a hole in the ice. A winter dip is more than invigorating!

Did you know?

Québec has over 125 spas where you can relax.

Ideas for taking it easy

  • No need to travel very far or take the car in order to escape the noise of the city and forget your daily stress. Just give yourself a bit of relaxation in one of our urban spas. They are nearby and often accessible by public transportation. There, you can be pampered in a calm atmosphere, surrounded by comforting scents and soft music. Saunas, pools, baths, hammams, body treatments and many other services await you. Peace and quiet!

    Vêtues de peignoirs blancs, trois personnes se détendent dans des chaises avec la ville en arrière-plan.
  • Loll in an outdoor bath under a blue sky or one sparkling with stars is the ideal remedy for stress. Immersion among forest scents, bird song and the babbling of brooks helps you let go. Here, comfortably ensconced in our deck chair or hammock, time stops… only bliss remains. Is that a white-tailed deer over there?

    Une personne vêtue d’un peignoir blanc est allongée dans une structure octogonale de bois en pleine forêt.
  • Located in Montréal’s Old Port, the Bota Bota spa is unique. Built on a former ferry, it floats on the edge of our majestic St. Lawrence. Comfortably settled on one of our terraces, you can observe the impressive view of the downtown area. The spa’s pools at different temperatures enable you to experience a Nordic bath. A restorative service is also offered.

    Un ancien traversier transformé en spa sur les rives du Saint-Laurent au centre-ville de Montréal.
  • Our spas offer a wide variety of body treatments. Some are quite unusual, not to say gastronomical! Maple syrup, Labrador tea, ice cider or vanilla salt cider exfoliation; chocolate or seaweed body wraps; and an orange-scented sauna are just some of the special indulgences on the menu.

    Un homme couché sur une table de massage se fait masser le dos.
  • Going to the spa means taking care of your body, which also means taking care of your diet. Some of our establishments offer gourmet health drinks, dishes and menus. Be it with vegetarian, fish or meat dishes or good wine, our chefs know how to satisfy clients’ taste buds. The products used are mainly local and most often organic.

    Deux femmes vêtues de peignoirs blancs dégustent un repas santé gastronomique.

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