Recuperate, relax and have fun in nature... before getting back to it all!

From a treehouse to a submarine, Québec offers a surprising array of unique accommodations. Sleep in the treetops or with the wolves. Or in a tepee, yurt, lighthouse or hobbit-style house inspired by The Lord of the Rings… The boldest among you may want to stay in an igloo or the Hôtel de glace—yes, a hotel made of ice!


Some accommodation options are closed during the winter, except, naturally, the igloos and our famous Hôtel de glace. We enjoy a bit of crisp weather.

Did you know?

You can spend a night on the Onondaga, Canada’s first submarine open to the public.

Unique ways to get a good night’s sleep

  • For a total forest excursion, why not spend the night there? You can sleep in a cabin among the trees, or even in the trees. Rustic, but comfortable... with nature’s enchanting sounds included.

  • It gets dark early, making for long evenings. After a day of outdoor activities, you’ll enjoy cocooning amid the snowscape, in the Hôtel de glace, an igloo, a hut or a yurt.

  • Up to spending a night in the zoo? Sleeping close to wolves, bears, caribou or other animals—even if you’re not snuggling them—is an unforgettable experience (be sure to book well in advance).

  • Heritage sites converted into accommodations. Spend the night in a submarine, or at a lighthouse, manor, presbytery... Choose the part of history you want to experience, and also get a great story to tell after!

  • Staying in a tepee, longhouse or other First Nations accommodation will give you a direct experience of Indigenous life after you’ve taken part in traditional Indigenous activities.

  • Believe it or not, we’ve got other original suggestions: sleep in a glass dome, heavy-duty truck, gypsy wagon, houseboat, bubble on stilts or hobbit house.

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