Home to abundant wilderness, a fjord, whales, an inland sea and, especially, mouth-watering blueberries!

In one area, the Saguenay River runs through a spectacular fjord. Upstream, the immense Lac Saint-Jean appears like a veritable inland sea. When the water temperature approaches 25 °C, the surrounding territory, steeped in history, offers up a variety of cultural and adventure activities in the heart of magnificent landscapes that the eyes never tire of contemplating.

Distance between main cities


Did you know?

The region covers a total area of 107,952 km² (41,670 sq. mi.), three times the size of Belgium.

To be discovered absolutely

An abundance of snowmobile trails, a fjord with villages of ready-to-use ice-fishing huts and natural snow-covered attractions.

A snowmobiler’s paradise

There’s no shortage of snowmobile trails to choose from. They run for 3,800 km! Whether it’s around Lac Saint-Jean, on the Passerelle du 49ieme parallèle circuit, or heading to the summits of Monts Valin and Mont Apica or along the fjord, our trails offer larger-than-life landscapes and panoramas. Everything is vast!

Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean is covered in snow from mid-November to mid-April.

Everyone knows that the people from Lac Saint-Jean are friendly, and that’s reflected in all the services offered along the trails. Restaurants, accommodations, spas, you name it ... Our goal is to make your excursion a safe and memorable one.

Ice fishing

For a taste bud explosion, head to the city of Saguenay. Born from the merger of three municipalities, the city has three lively downtown districts. Its restaurateurs serve up local gourmet dishes: broad bean soup, meat pies, blueberry pies and other boreal flavours. The area’s microbreweries and distilleries also produce local brews.

The fjord is 300 metres deep in places.

You can fish from morning to evening for a variety of freshwater and saltwater fish, like redfish, rainbow smelt, cod, turbot and even the Greenland shark! But don’t expect the shark to get through the hole in the ice. With the cliffs of the fjord on both sides, the landscape here is stunning.

Spectacular natural attractions

Nature’s grandeur is on full display. Our majestic fjord offers huge landscapes, and our lake, as big as a sea, stretches its icy surface to what seems to be infinity. The boreal forest and mountains transform snowshoeing and skiiing outings into explorations of an enchanted world ... where the trails always lead us to spots with astounding views.

An average of six metres of snow fall each winter on the Monts Valin. Wow!

Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean’s abundance of natural snow is enjoyed by kids and adults alike. Our territory extends for as far as the eye can see, and there’s room for everyone. Welcome! It’s time to go play outside!

Explore Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean in all its grandeur

An abundant wilderness, a fjord, an inland sea and blueberries… Welcome to Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean.

Discovering the Saguenay fjord