Hunting and fishing

An authentic experience

Here, hunting and fishing are traditions passed down from generation to generation. For enthusiasts and beginners alike, the key ingredient is respect: positioning yourself, attuning to the vibrations of the earth, water and wind, and waiting to see if nature chooses to reveal itself.

Québec’s visitors enjoy exploring
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Here, you can come across fifteen species of wild game and about thirty species of fish. Deep in the wilderness, the immersion is total, as if you are part of it. Your thoughts zero in on your surroundings... and then, it happens! Your quarry appears. Will you succeed in capturing it?

So many interests, so many species

Québec offers a rich bounty for hunting and fishing enthusiasts. Small or big, certain types of prey can prove to be quite the challenge. It’s all part of the sport!

Hunting, fishing, unwinding
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Outfitters are part of a network of accommodations in natural settings and specialize in organizing getaways to Québec’s rich territories. What can you do after hunting and fishing? Go on a hiking or snowmobiling adventure in the heart of the wilderness.

Ice fishing, a unique experience
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Go fishing year-round? In Québec, it’s possible! To break the winter doldrums, simply break a hole in the ice on the lakes and drop your line in. Fishing enthusiasts and beginners alike need to have this unique experience at least once.

The season looks promising

Hunting and fishing through the seasons


In the summer, nature is even richer, offering hunters and fishers the gift of a wide variety of species.


In the fall, deer hunting is in full swing and the colourful landscape offers a magnificent display.


Ice fishing is practised as soon as the lakes and rivers freeze over. The question is: will you be able to break the ice?


As the weather gets nicer, the snow melts and the animals start peeking out again. Spring’s renewal also marks the beginning of an exciting season for hunting and fishing enthusiasts.

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