Winter fun

Say bonjour to winter done different

Whether it’s by strolling through pretty streets all lit up, taking in cultural events or experiencing some fun-filled activities, falling in love with the charm of our cities won’t take very long.

Explore. Experience. Enjoy.
Chill in or chill out
Here, the outdoors in winter offer something for everyone. More of a thrillseeker? Get a rush riding a fat bike. A bit more low-key? Snowshoe through a gorgeous landscape blanketed in white. Whether you prefer giving it your all or letting it all melt away, come play it cool this winter.
Québec wears a lot of layers

Here, winter is way more than a season—it’s a flurry of reasons to celebrate the transformation that lights up the province. What better setting could you want to bundle up, lace up and play outside?

So many cool places to stay
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Stay in the heart of the great outdoors, whether at a resort, a cottage, an inn, or a unique accommodation. Find one that’ll tickle your fancy.

Total relaxation in a stunning natural setting
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Sink into perfect tranquility in the great outdoors or in the heart of downtown, and enjoy Nordic baths, calming massages and a range of treatments—at spas near or far from the big city.

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