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Montréal © TM/Big in Japan - Bar

Speakeasies and nightlife

Vibrate to the rhythm of a sparkling nightlife

Recognized for their contagious joie de vivre and their limitless creativity, Québecers vibrate to the rhythm of a bustling nightlife on a par with the “in” destinations of the world. Both in urban centres and in the regions, places to relax with friends or to party are in their image: welcoming and original. From charming microbreweries to glittery discos, by way of theme bars and music venues offering blues, jazz or Québec folklore, you will find the right place to kick back and meet fun people. You have your pick of bars in Montréal and Québec, and elsewhere in the province, as the bar operators spare no effort of imagination to stand out!

Le Mal Nécessaire © TM/S.Smith Simard
Le Mal Nécessaire © TM/S.Smith Simard

Speakeasies, the Québec version

An intimate atmosphere, a retro feel in some cases, and a discreet entrance: welcome to a speakeasy, a “clandestine” bar inspired from the Prohibition era, and gaining in popularity in Québec. The name apparently comes from the fact you had to lower your voice to order alcohol when its sale was forbidden in the United States. The speakeasies of today are not illegal in any way, but they have kept the secret feel which makes them so attractive. Often without outside signage or even an address, they are found in basements or on dimly lit backstreets, behind an unassuming door. With their upholstered banquettes, flashy chandeliers, garish colours, retro dress code and burlesque shows, some are sure to take you back to the 20’s or 30’s. Others are more modern in look, but just as welcoming. And the bespoke cocktails and creative tapas served by some will wow even the most demanding client!

Vieux Port de Montréal © TQ/A.Strohl

Speakeasies with a unique touch

Sooo secret…
Le 4e Mur ‒ Montréal
Want to know the address? You have to subscribe to their newsletter.

Sooo intimate…
La Maison Cloakroom ‒ Montréal
Room for only 25 guests.

Exotic and kitsch
Le Mal Nécessaire ‒ Montréal
It has a Tiki vibe, with its cocktails served in a pineapple.

Zen and romantic
Big In Japan ‒ Montréal
Its neverending bar is lit by a hundred candles.

Intimate and atypical
Atwater Cocktails Club ‒ Montréal
An impressive cocktail menu and collection of bottles behind the bar.

Clandestino ‒ Montréal
Over 100 different mescals and tequilas.

Le Royal ‒ Montréal
A selection of bubblies and champagne in a cozy atmosphere and a classy decor.

Le Gokudo ‒ Montréal
To discover and enjoy the Japanese sake culture, and handcrafted cocktails in the colours of Japan.