Explore Québec

Sophisticated cities, larger-than-life nature, thrilling festivities, outdoor activities and friendly people eager to say hello... Québec is all this!

Illuminating experiences

Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, a lover of culture and history, a foodie or a fan of festivals, explore our eight experiences and you’ll discover everything Québec has to offer you!


Québec... a unique culture

With their joie de vivre and creativity, the Québécois keep a unique culture alive in North America. Our rich history, vast land and nature as far as the eye can see make Québec a must destination!

The seasons

In the fall, Québec’s landscapes unveil their rich colours. From orange-yellows to blazing reds, nature dons its fineries for our enjoyment.


In the cities and country alike, everyone heads outside. The nice weather beckons you to outdoor fun, exploration and adventure.


Snow, calm and bright... Québec dons its most beautiful white cloak for winter’s enchanting display.


Springtime in Québec means experiencing four seasons in a single day.