The St. Lawrence River is an immense treasure trove of astounding delicacies.

These include the Bas-Saint-Laurent region’s smoked fish, Gaspésie’s Northern shrimp, the Côte-Nord’s scallops and lobster from the Îles-de-la-Madeleine. Also on the list: cod, herring, halibut, flounder, mackerel, smoked salmon, snow crab, mussels, clams, periwinkle and more. In Québec, we’re crazy about seafood.


Enjoy delicious seafood year-round. In the spring, our grocery stores abound with lobster, and oyster season runs from September to December.

Did you know?

Fourchette bleue supports little-known species of the St. Lawrence and sustainable development.

The St. Lawrence River, a gigantic pantry!

  • Our market shelves are full of seafood products all year round. Here’s when our main products are fresh in season.

    Snow crab: April to May • Northern shrimp: April to October • Atlantic and Greenland halibut: May to October • Lobster: May to July • Oyster: high season from September to December, but arrivals year round • Blue mussel: year round.

  • C’est principalement en Gaspésie qu’on fait la cueillette d’algues comestibles. Les principales espèces habitant nos fonds marins sont le Kombu, la Wakamé et le Nori. On les déguste évidemment en sushis, mais aussi en pestos, en salades, en marinades, en saucissons et autres produits dérivés. Miam!

    Élevage d’huîtres et de moules
  • Smoking, a technique inherited from Indigenous traditions, remains a very popular method for cooking these products.

    The Cascapédia and Raoul Roux smokehouses in Gaspésie open their doors to visitors who want to discover this know-how. You can also familiarize yourself with the history and techniques of smoking by visiting Le Fumoir d’antan – Hard smoked herring Économusée.

    Le Fumoir d'antan

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