Culture and history that are alive

A culture that’s forever new

The richness of Québec’s culture is immediately apparent. And if you’re a bit curious, opportunities await to learn more about it. Showcasing creativity is important here. Explore our museum exhibitions and galleries, participate in creative workshops, and meet some of our friendly artists.

A culture that’s alive and timeless

Want a more authentic experience? Let yourself go completely in the dance, move to the drum beat and discover the wealth of Indigenous traditions. In the evening, the cities and towns reveal a culture that has stayed alive throughout time and offers up the keys to a rich past, present and future.

A window into Québec culture

With its rich Indigenous, French and British past, Québec culture constantly finds new expression through its art and its history.

The magic of Old Québec’s history
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With its lively neighbourhoods, prominent restaurants and local boutiques, Old Québec has many tales to tell. In fact, you’ll come across one at each street corner and even along the St. Lawrence River.

Discover Indigenous culture
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An authentic Indigenous experience means meeting lovely people, tasting a community’s cuisine or gazing at the natural beauty of a stunning landscape. Each stop offers new ways of honouring the heritage of the First Nations with all five senses.

Culture and history year-round

A chance to immerse yourself in the soul of Québec


The weather is nice, the air is warm. Whether you have a set destination or are simply following the wind, art and culture await you at every stop.


Nature’s display harmonizes with that, even more evocative, of deeply rooted traditions and historic sites to be discovered in the great outdoors.


Winter is the time to nourish our minds with trips to the museums, art galleries and arts and crafts shows.


The season of renewal is also the season of discovery. As nature starts waking up, so does our curiosity.

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