Everything is appealing and mouth-watering when it comes to this archipelago of a dozen islands in the heart of the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

The inhabitants’ warm hospitality is equalled only by the diversity and talent found here, from a cultural standpoint and in terms of gastronomy and local products. It’s also a paradise for windsurfers and kitesurfers. The many white sandy beaches that stretch for as far as the eye can see and the spectacular sunsets will leave a lasting impression.


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Did you know?

A popular Madelinot saying: “On the Islands, time does not belong to a clock. Time belongs to you.”

To be discovered absolutely

Islanders are very generous. We love to share our beaches, our artistic talents and our culinary delights.

300 km of beaches

Put end to end, the Islands’ 300 km of beaches represent more than the distance from Montréal to Québec City (250 km) and slightly less than the distance from Boston to New York (350 km). That makes for a pretty nice playground. And with so many beaches, it’s practically your duty to spend a day basking in the sun or making sandcastles!

The sea, red cliffs and pale dunes are ever present, providing a postcard setting that has established the Islands’ reputation. Take time to slow down, contemplate the sea, go swimming (the water can actually reach 18–20 °C / 64–68 °F!), or get an adrenaline rush through windsurfing... There’s no shortage of fun activities.

We have 13 main beaches, including Martinique beach, which is 13 km long.

A strong breeze blows over most of the beaches, to the great delight of kitesurfers and windsurfers. Because of their length, the beaches are great for invigorating strolls. And for a refreshing dip, the sea can reach 18 °C or more, in the lagoons.

The Islands inspire our artists.

If given a palette, a painter will paint. It’s the same on the Islands: nature provides a broad palette of colours composed of blue skies, red cliffs, white sand, green meadows and multicoloured houses. These natural settings and materials inspire our Madelinot artists. Seashells, sand, stones, pieces of driftwood, or polished glass washed up on the beaches all find their way into the artistic works and handicrafts created here..

With the Circuit des Arts (Arts Circuit), you’ll discover that all the local artists and artisans draw inspiration from the beauty of their surroundings. And they’re eager to meet you. Sharing and hospitality are in the Madelinot DNA. Everything here is beautiful, from the natural surroundings to the paintings, jewellery, pottery and other creations.

It’s the ideal vacation destination for participating in a creative workshop.

Savouring the sea’s bounty

On the Islands, the sea offers us its most prized treasures. It’s particularly in May and June that the curious gather on the docks, teeming with activity, to watch the fishing boats arrive. And it’s no surprise that later, we’re able to savour a meal of fresh snow crab, tender scallops or the incomparable Island lobster.

Fish and seafood are the main features of the local cuisine. You’ll savour unforgettable gastronomical delights with tender scallops, delicious snow crab and the incomparable Island lobster. And you’ll also want to taste the local beers, fine cheeses and smoked products, such as cured herring. The culinary know-how of the Madelinots is found in the local Island products. Search for the label “Le Bon Goût Frais des Îles de la Madeleine” during your stay!

More than a third of the lobster boats dock in the Grande-Entrée and Grosse-Île ports.

You’ll also want to taste the local beers, fine cheeses and smoked products, such as cured herring. The Madelinots’ culinary know-how is found in the local products bearing the label “Le Bon Goût Frais des Îles de la Madeleine.”

Explore Îles-de-la-Madeleine in all its tranquility

The Îles-de-la-Madeleine islands form an archipelago waiting to be discovered in the Gulf of St. Lawrence!

Discover the treasures of the Îles de la Madeleine


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