This corner of the province between Montréal and Québec City has a lot that’s worth exploring along its many scenic routes.

As seen from the thousands of snow geese that stop here during their spring migration, our region is worth the detour. In this land of maple trees and cranberries, Centre-du-Québec’s riches are waiting to be savoured and discovered from the St. Lawrence River to the Appalachian foothills.

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Did you know?

We invented poutine, but its actual birthplace is still being disputed.

To be discovered absolutely

A visit to the region is a trip back in time, observing an unusual method for cultivating a red berry and relaxing among the roses.

Enjoy our regional parks

Regional parks are the best spot for having fun in the snow. And there’s no shortage of snow! With a choice of snowshoeing, fatbiking, Hok skiing (a hybrid of cross-country skiing and snowshoeing), cross-country skiing and tube sliding, you can indulge in your favourite winter sport or discover a new one.

Fun for everyone

At these sites, winter activities are accessible for the whole family. And at certain locations, you can even bring the dog along for the outing. And why not spend the night in a rustic cottage or a hut near the river?

Parc Marie-Victorin

Au cœur du plus grand jardin écologique au Québec, le parc Marie-Victorin ouvre les portes d’un univers horticole unique composé de six jardins thématiques, de mosaïcultures, de sculptures géantes d’insectes et d’une serre tropicale. Né à Kingsey Falls, le frère Marie-Victorin est le fondateur du jardin botanique à Montréal.

Le véritable nom du frère Marie-Victorin est Conrad Kirouac.

Parmi les activités d’animation, on peut faire des dégustations de fleurs comestibles et de légumes cultivés au parc et assister à des démonstrations au laboratoire éducatif. Il y a aussi un sentier le long des chutes : bel endroit pour pique-niquer!

Le Centre de la biodiversité du Québec

Créé pour sensibiliser les adultes et les enfants à l’existence et à la conservation des espèces du Québec, ce musée scientifique très dynamique se penche sur le développement durable de notre planète. On y propose trois expériences : un corridor sensoriel, la faune urbaine et l’immersif Voyage au fond du Saint-Laurent, une projection à 360 degrés.

Loulou la loutre, c’est le nom de la vedette de la projection à 360 degrés.

Attrait majeur du Centre de la biodiversité, le circuit nocturne en forêt, L’écho des origines, se déroule sur 1,8 kilomètre dans les sentiers forestiers. Il sensibilise les visiteurs aux enjeux environnementaux.

Village québécois d’antan

This village offers a truly authentic return to the past. Along its dirt roads, the 70 houses and buildings all date from the 1810–1930 period. Only the villagers going about their traditional trades are not actually from days gone by. But you’d never believe it as, in period costume, they spin captivating tales about their day-to-day lives. The village comes alive with theatrical skits, traditional music and games, and wagon rides.

A modern water play park is nevertheless available for the entire family to enjoy. And if you’re longing for food from your childhood, the villagers serve up traditional meals prepared according to our grandmothers’ best recipes. The village even transforms into a sugar shack at Halloween and Christmas as well as in the spring.

At the authentic 19th-century farmhouse, children can enjoy the pony carousel.

Rose Drummond

Québec’s largest producer of cut flowers, Rose Drummond is also a boutique featuring local products and a café serving fresh products. This major agri-tourism attraction is a source of great pride in the region. Be sure to take a guided tour of its 2 hectares (5 acres) of greenhouses where flowers and vegetables are grown year-round, pesticide-free.

The boutique offers a variety of products (apples, maple syrup, honey, etc.) from some 80 Québec producers, as well as greenhouse products: flowers (roses, gerberas and alstroemerias—don’t worry, someone will help you pronounce it correctly if needed!) and fresh produce (tomatoes, cucumbers and sweet peppers). Onsite florists specialize in flower arrangements for all occasions, and the Rose café is an inviting spot for a coffee, tea or healthy meal.

Rose Drummond grows nearly 600,000 flowers each year, including many varities of roses and gerberas.

Explore Centre-du-Québec… fun awaits!

You’ll quickly start enjoying the routes in Centre-du-Québec. It’s the birthplace of poutine. Yum!

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