Say Bonjour to fall

The colour of our emotions

As summer’s frenzied landscapes give way to a completely different type of scenery, we slow our pace to better observe nature’s metamorphosis. We taste the fall’s comforting savours and delight in this new season that, while fleeting, will leave us with lasting memories.

The air feels cooler. It’s time to pull on a sweater and savour a comforting hot chocolate. The silence at sunset draws us into our thoughts as we gaze in the distance at a serene lake that reflects the leaves’ heart-warming colours.
Fall Foliage Map

Last update:   November 15, 2022
Next update:  September 2023

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Colourful trails
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Walking is the best way to enjoy the fall colours. Seeing the wind twirl leaves in a cheerful dance, smelling the odour of a wood fire and hearing the crackle of leaves under our feet satisfy the senses and the heart.

Dreaming in nature
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Spending a night in nature lets you fully experience the fall magic. Watching the setting sun cast its spell on the leaves so that their colour changes when you awake is something not to be missed.

On land or under water
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From whales in the St. Lawrence River to moose in the parks, the fall is the perfect time for observing animals, who sometimes out of curiosity come to say hello to visitors.

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