This corner of the province between Montréal and Québec City has a lot that’s worth exploring along its many scenic routes.

As seen from the thousands of snow geese that stop here during their spring migration, our region is worth the detour. In this land of maple trees and cranberries, Centre-du-Québec’s riches are waiting to be savoured and discovered from the St. Lawrence River to the Appalachian foothills.

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Did you know?

We invented the original poutine, where the fresh cheese goes “squeak-squeak.”

To be discovered absolutely

Discover the Abenaki culture, an oversized garden-museum and the biodiversity of the St. Lawrence River, while fully respecting nature.

Musée des Abénakis

Québec’s first Indigenous museum offers exhibitions, a multimedia show and authentic activities, both inside and outdoors. There’s plenty to see and do at the historical site of Odanak.


The Kiz8bak (“light of day”) boutique offers a selection of handcrafts.

There’s a church to visit, a lookout, a picnic area and a trail along the river. The Tolba (turtle in Abenaki) Trail has interpretation panels on the flora, medicinal plants and animal species.

Parc Marie-Victorin

At the heart of Québec’s largest ecological garden, Parc Marie-Victorin puts on display a unique horticultural landscape that boasts six theme-based gardens, mosaicultures, gigantic sculptures of insects and a tropical greenhouse. Born in Kingsey Falls, Brother Marie-Victorin founded the Jardin botanique in Montréal.

Brother Marie-Victorin’s real name is Conrad Kirouac.

Among the activities provided, you can sample edible flowers as well as vegetables grown in the park, and take in various demonstrations at the educational laboratory. A trail along the falls offers great spots for a picnic!

Centre de la biodiversité du Québec

Created to educate adults and young people about the existence and preservation of Québec’s species, this very lively science museum focuses on the sustainable development of our planet. It offers three experiences: a sensory corridor, urban fauna, and the immersive Journey to the bottom of the Saint-Laurent, a 360-degree wall projection.

Loulou the otter is the star of the 360-degree wall projection.

A major evening attraction at the Centre de la biodiversité, the Echoes of origins forest trail runs for 1.8 km and raises visitors’ awareness of environmental issues.

Explore Centre-du-Québec… fun awaits!

You’ll quickly start enjoying the routes in Centre-du-Québec. It’s the birthplace of poutine. Yum!

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