A region shaped by Québec’s longest river that runs through it, and to which it owes its name and history.

Here, it’s one foot in the city and the other in nature. Enjoy an outdoor adventure in the morning and cultural discoveries in the afternoon or evening. Large parks await you, just a stone’s throw from Ottawa, the National Capital. Our land is vast and generous; our chefs, inspired and creative. Outaouais is 33,000 km2 (12,738 sq. mi.) of pure delight!

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The region has over 15,000 lakes and about a dozen rivers.

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Canada’s most visited museum, a huge park right next to the city, and a small town with the world’s largest log cabin. Here, everything is measured.

Gatineau Park

It’s the National Capital Region’s playground, just a few minutes from downtown Ottawa-Gatineau. This conservation park, located where the Gatineau and Ottawa rivers meet, unfurls its hills and valleys over an area of 361 km2 (139 sq. mi.). From the Champlain Lookout, contemplate the vast landscapes... while perhaps snuggling up to that special someone? After all, it’s one of the region’s top five spots for sharing a kiss!

The park also offers access to one of North America’s most expansive trail networks. In addition to hiking and mountain biking (extreme version at Camp Fortune), you can rock climb, zip-line, horseback ride, swim, fish, canoe, camp and kayak. In the summer, take a historical tour of the Mackenzie King Estate, the residence of Canada’s 10th prime minister... and apparently a few ghosts!

Visit Lusk Cave, made of marble, in the Philippe Lake area.


Château Montebello is said to be the world’s largest log cabin. While this is true, Château Montebello is so much more. This Fairmont resort hotel boasts luxurious accommodations in natural surroundings as well as refined gastronomy. Plenty of outdoor activities are offered year-round, just as they are at the Château’s neighbour, Kenauk Nature, one of North America’s largest private nature reserves.

Close by, the former Montebello train station houses ChocoMotive, a chocolate shop and Économusée. Meanwhile, the Fromagerie Montebello gives historical names to its artisanal cheeses... you’ll truly savour the past!

Montebello is the name seigneur Louis-Joseph Papineau gave to his manor.

Parc Oméga is an animal lovers’ delight. Observe the free-roaming wildlife from the comfort of your car or while strolling along the trails. 

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