Côte-Nord is a region of endless larger-than-life scenery. A road trip you need to take at least once in your lifetime.

The Whale Route (Route des Baleines) stretches for over 800 km (497 mi.) along the St. Lawrence River, from Tadoussac to Kegaska, at the end of Route 138. You can also explore toward the north, heading out from Baie-Comeau, to see the gigantic hydroelectric facilities―our very own modern-day pyramids!

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Côte-Nord covers 236,665 km2, including 1,300 km of coastline. Montréal could fit into it 79 times!

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Enjoy snowmobiling and winter hiking amidst endless, larger-than-life scenery! Take in the magnificence of these wide-open spaces.

Snowmobiling along the Trans-Québec 3

The Côte-Nord boasts hundreds of kilometres of safe snowmobile trails connected to Québec’s national network. Some run along the St. Lawrence with spectacular views, others are sunk deep in the boreal forest and cross clear, bustling rivers on bridges designed for snowmobiles.

Nearly 1,000 km of Trans-Québec trails crisscross Côte-Nord.

The Manicouagan bridge is the highest in the world, standing 27.4 m above the water, and the longest in North America, stretching 213 m. Snowmobile rental services are available for anyone dreaming of a weekend adventure or a longer excursion on the Route Blanche.

Mountain-top winter hiking!

Come winter, you’ve got your choice of downhill skiing, cross-country skiing or snowshoeing, depending on your mood. Exploring our northern peaks is enticing to adventurers and our dry climate is ideal for outdoor activities.

The Monts Groulx (Uapishka) range boasts some 30 peaks over 1,000 metres.

Côte-Nord offers activities as unusual as a night in a cabin perched in the forest with guaranteed comfort. For thrill-seekers, dog sledding, ice climbing and Nordic skiing are a must.

The Route Blanche in Basse-Côte-Nord

For the seasoned snowmobiler, the Route Blanche, with its ice bridges, is the only land route to reach Blanc-Sablon in Basse-Côte-Nord. Maintained by the Ministère des Transports, it winds through picturesque villages, where festivals and events are held throughout the season, providing perfect opportunities to greet the villagers with a friendly bonjour, hello or kwe.

The Route Blanche connects Kegaska to Blanc-Sablon, the easternmost village in Québec.

Francophone, Anglophone and Innu communities live along this shoreline. Known as “Coasters,” the inhabitants are always delighted to show you their winter huts hidden in the backcountry, and tell you about ptarmigan hunting and ice fishing.

Explore Côte-Nord and its coastal charm

Côte-Nord is a region of endless larger-than-life scenery. Can you hear the whales blowing?

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