It’s true that the Québécois love a good party. That’s why we have over 500 festivals and events.

Québec is known worldwide for the quality and diversity of its year-round festivities, offering something tailored to each season. With creative flair and contagious exuberance, we take every opportunity to celebrate and share memorable moments through music, humour, gastronomy, cinema, and artistic, cultural and sports events.


We enjoy celebrating! Québec pulsates with creativity through all four seasons.

Did you know?

Bonhomme Carnaval is 2.1 m tall, weighs 181 kg of compact snow and was born in 1954.

Creativity and contagious exuberance

  • Think of any type of festival and you’re sure to find it in Québec. Whether held in the city or an outlying region, they are attended by people from around the world. Their themes may be musical, sports, food-related, western or other, but they all bear the stamp of creativity.

    The Igloofest, International Balloon Festival, Festival international de jazz, Québec Winter Carnival and Festival Western de St-Tite are just a few of our international events.

  • Coming together to celebrate... it’s what we do! We’re often in the streets expressing our joie de vivre, especially during public festivities. Some don costumes, others put on make-up, we walk in parades, we display our colours. Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day (a holiday for all Québécois), Canada Day, Saint Patrick’s Day and Montréal Pride celebrations (LGBTQ parade) are good examples. Oh yes, we also party in the streets during our sidewalk sales!

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