Craving excitement? Ice climbing, alpine luging and fatbiking are for you. Adrenaline rushes are guaranteed!

Québec’s cold winters transform our waterfalls into huge ice formations we love to climb. And our snow-laden mountain forests offer ideal conditions for breathtaking, breakneck-speed descents on a fatbike or alpine luge!


We enjoy practising these extreme sports from mid-December to April. The ice-climbing season is shorter: typically January and February.

Did you know?

You can climb Montmorency Falls when it transforms into a huge ice cone we call the Sugarloaf.

We love challenges

  • We practise this extreme sport on frozen walls… And it’s not for people who are afraid of heights! A number of sites are ideal for this activity, including Montmorency Falls in the Québec City area, Montagne d’Argent in the Laurentides region and Mont Saint-Pierre in Gaspésie.

  • Highly popular in Québec, the fat bike, or fat-tire bike, lets you ride right through winter. This sport is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and is practised on snowshoeing trails, in some parks and on Québec’s snowy roads.

  • Alpine luging originated in the Swiss mountains more than 500 years ago, and is now a much-loved sport in Québec. It requires less technical skill than skiing but offers just as much pleasure. Helmets are mandatory!

Where to do climbing, biking and other winter activities?

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