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Natural areas in the city: we’re so spoiled!
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Nature in an urban setting is both beautiful and fragile. Our regional and municipal parks need to be protected, like the Little Prince protecting his rose under a glass globe. Through careful use, we can visit them and enjoy everything these outdoor spaces have to offer—after all, they’re designed for us!


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Regional parks and some municipalities offer year-round, outdoor activities adapted to the seasons.

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Waterfalls inspire the creation of parks, such as Sept-Chutes in Saint-Zénon.

To be discovered absolutely

Many natural areas are located in and around cities, and regional and municipal parks facilitate their access.

Regional parks

Whether they are located in urban centres, city outskirts or outlying areas, regional parks all have something in common: recreation. They’re big, and have short and medium hiking paths in mountainous and lowland areas.

90% of the regional parks have hiking paths (average 25 km)

Some even have trails through wetlands, but they’re so well designed there’s no risk of getting your feet wet! Wheelchair access is also available. You can enjoy nature observation and interpretation, which is second nature to us. You can go climbing and swimming all in the same day. You can go fishing, barbecue your catch and enjoy a tasty meal! Take off on a bike ride and have a picnic along the way. Or go skating and warm up with a tasty hot chocolate afterwards. If you enjoy playing outdoors among family or friends, fun times are guaranteed!

Municipal parks

Even in the city, you can enjoy greenery and bird song thanks to the many municipal parks. After being blanketed in pure white all winter long, when park-goers can take to their skates and skis, these outdoor areas emerge in a delicate green come spring. Throughout the summer they are a popular gathering spot, perfect for jogging, walking, playing frisbee, doing yoga, and having a picnic and a glass of wine.

There are few limits to the activities you can enjoy, and no shame in lazing under a maple or fir tree near a pond, gazing at the ducks.

The trees in the parks are the city’s lungs

Some parks are so big that they are venues for celebrations and cultural activities. In Montréal, parc Jean-Drapeau hosts Osheaga and the Piknic Électronik, and in Québec City, the Plains of Abraham are home to the Carnaval and the Festival d’été de Québec.